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jewelry designers

"Martha is a bridge between the creative process, and the business side of making art. She has helped me through my journey of becoming a business woman and an artist. Martha helps you get in touch with how your sense of self worth is reflected in your business and how to strengthen both. She is a supportive and positive force!"
Galit Amran Breman


"Working with Martha really helped me get my commercial photo business on track. She got me to identify and prioritize my marketing challenges and create a plan of attack that reduced the enormous tasks into smaller doable parts."
Bob Adler


"Martha is objective, positive, strong and has the ability to bounce back ideas and give great suggestions and advise. Through my coaching sessions with her I gained the ability to approach my goals and dreams with a renewed sense of purpose, focus and courage."
Vernon Bush


"Martha unearthed issues that I did not fully realize were at play in my art life and guided me to look closely at my wishes, hopes, dreams, and intentions. I have increased art sales, improved my attitude towards money, and developed greater confidence in my work and in all my actions related to art. She introduced me to a number of art consultants who have become my supporters and are now promoting my work. She has given me direction. My mantra is: "if Martha Z suggests I do something, I do it!"
Marc Ellen Hamel